Devon-born, London-based singer-songwriter FONN (real name Fionn Connolly) chose his moniker after several years struggling with mental health issues and identity crises. Creating music to reflect this journey, his sound spans alt rock, indie folk and electro pop with an 80’s inspired, new romantic twist that has been referred to as ‘prog pop’.


Growing up, Fionn played the violin from the age of 5, taught himself guitar and piano from the age of 12, and began writing songs aged 14. Dabbling in classical composition, his debut performance (aged 17) was performed in Exeter Cathedral by a 250-strong choir and professional orchestra. FONN is returning to this space next summer for a new project – a multimedia performance of his EP ‘Tomorrow, Now’ surrounded by sculpture & accompanied by choreographed dance groups. 


FONN has dealt with difficulties with Depression and Anxiety for several years. During this time, he wrote several in-depth songs about these personal experiences, which he is now ready to release to the world. As a student, he particularly struggled dealing with these issues in an isolated setting - his music explores these complex problems alongside relationships, philosophy, and grappling with the modern world - all the while focusing on the importance of hope in times of struggle & the difficulty of finding your own path through the mists of depression.


Fionn studied music at university, where he formed the band 'Glass Parachutes’. The band broke up, and from its ashes came FONN. During his time at university, FONN performed under many monikers and with many groups - most notably as Glass Parachutes, but also under his own name and with notable university group Cadenza. Highlights included playing on the main stages at several May Balls (Music Festival-like events), performing at the Cambridge Corn Exchange, and appearing at TEDxExeter 2018.

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The covid pandemic hit at a time when FONN was planning on bringing his live sound to London stages. Due to the closure of venues, he decided to take his live performances online, where he has been recording songs by his favourite artists live in a series entitled ‘live from lockdown’, which can be found on FONN’s youtube channel, and which have amassed a total of around 19,000 views.

His debut single ‘Good Light In’ highlights the importance of hope in times of struggle, & the difficulty of finding your own path through the mists of depression. This is a central theme in his work - his EP ‘Below’ centres around Depression in romantic relationships, his EP ‘Behind Either/Or’ centres on Anxiety and decision making, and his extended work ‘Tomorrow, Now’ is about despair and hope - through the lens of introspection.